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Testresults for Caspian's Snowman

Name of the cat: Caspian's Snowman
Breed: Maine Coon
Birthdate: 2022-01-10
Gender: male
Owner: Singethan, Britta
Homepage: http://www.yankeecats.de
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Sire:Jasper Maivelien K G G G G G
Dam:Caspian's Lucky Day K G G G G G
Offsprings:Yankee Cats Jadis the White Witch H P G G G G
Yankee Cats Made In Heaven PP G G G G
Yankee Cats Yukiko Purrfect Snow G G G G
Heartscreening, Kidneys, Hips, Patella, Genetic (DNA)
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Result:Veterinarian:Identity checked:Test date:Test age:
normal Höpfner, Robert PP CC CVIMja (yes) 2022-11-18 0.10


Result:Evaluated by:Identity checked:Test date:Test age:
normal Baumhüter, Fritzja (yes) 2022-11-16 0.10


result:Veterinarian:Identity checked:Test date:Test age:
normal / normal Baumhüter, Fritz BPT ja (yes) 2022-11-16 0.10


Result:Gene:Lab:Testing procedure:chipped:date:
N / NBloodgroupMyCatDNAcat tested selfja (yes) 2023-01-03
normalHCM A31Pthrough ancestors 0000-00-00
normalHCM A31PMyCatDNAcat tested selfja (yes) 2023-01-03
normalPK Def.through ancestors 0000-00-00
normalPK Def.MyCatDNAcat tested selfja (yes) 2023-01-03
normalPKDthrough ancestors 0000-00-00
normalPKDMyCatDNAcat tested selfja (yes) 2023-01-03
normalSMAthrough ancestors 0000-00-00
normalSMAMyCatDNAcat tested selfja (yes) 2023-01-03

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