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Oberwalls Yala (Oberwalls) Maine Coon Kitten aus Angermünde |

Maine Coon Kitten from Germany
Oberwalls Yala (Oberwalls)

All information provided here is self-reported by the breeder and has not been verified.
Oberwalls Yala
brown mackerel tabby

When moving the cats are
neutered: yes
chipped: yes
RCP vaccinated: yes
Rabies vaccinated: no
FeLV vaccinated: no
FIP vaccinated: no

The cats were feed with
Dry food: no
Wet food: yes
Meat (Barf): yes

Where and how did the cats grow up:
first weeks in the kitten room, then in the living area
with children: no
with dogs: yes with big dog

Pedigree from: TICACATS
Lines: Outcross
Sire: Coonieland Edens Xorro
Testresults Sire
Dam: Oberwalls Ronja
Testresults Dam
Pedigree with published Testresults
Parents (or cat self) are tested normal in
HCM Ultrasound: yes
HCM A31P DNA: yes
PKD Ultrasound: only one parent
HD X-Ray: only one parent

Cattery: Oberwalls
Breeder: Leist, Steffi
Phone: 03331 7295338 oder 01727172096
Zip Town: 16278 Angermünde
Country: Germany
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entered on: 2018-06-10 20:11:19
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weitere Infos: Alle unsere Kitten kommen ganz nach unserem langjährigen und super anhänglichen Xorro, der hat ganze Arbeit geleistet. Auch die tolle mackerel Zeichnung hat er an alle vererbt. Lernen Sie die Elterntiere bei uns zu Hause kennen.

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