Result of the character survey

The results of the survey are listed detailed below. The red bars show the % of Maine Coon, the green bars the % of other cats.

Is your Maine Coon a lap cat? Maine Coon all/ females/ males other cats
Lies on the upper body of her human: 47.3/44,7/50,4% 34.8%

Lies on the lap of the human: 47.5/48,1/48,2% 56.1%

Prefers to be next to the human: 74.3/74,1/76,0% 74.2%

Don't come to be petted, but wait for the human to come to her: 15.2/16,3/14,7% 18.9%

How does your Maine Coon react to visitors?
Is immediatly there to great visitors: 44.0/40,3/48,1% 36.4%

Comes to the visitors as soon as the situations calms down: 41.7/42,3/42,9% 34.1%

Disappears and comes back when the visitors are away: 12.2/12,2/12,4% 15.2%

Is not interested in visitors: 12.1/16,1/9,1% 17.4%

What does your Maine Coon do with water? Except drinking of course ;-)
Drinking from the tap: 31.8/32,0/32,6% 28.8%

Dig water (digging in front or in the bowl): 43.3/42,5/45,3% 13.6%

Splashing with the paws in the bowl: 55.8/53,6/58,9% 19.7%

Throw toys in the bowl: 23.2/20,3/26,2% 6.8%

Stand with the feets in the water: 21.6/20,1/23,7% 8.3%

Goes with the human under the shower or in the bathtub: 11.9/9,1/14,4% 9.1%

How playful is your Maine Coon?
Plays alone with toys: 71.8/71,2/74,0% 68.9%

Plays if the human starts to play: 76.7/78,6/77,1% 66.7%

Only look if the human starts to play: 38.1/39,2/38,1% 48.5%

Challenge the human to play with her: 40.3/37,2/43,6% 31.8%

Fetch toys or carry them around: 46.9/45,1/49,8% 36.4%

How does your Maine Coon reacts with other cats?
Sleep and cuddle together with other cats: 38.5/38,1/40,2% 37.1%

Clean other cats: 52.5/50,1/55,8% 52.3%

Let other cats clean her: 49.5/47,3/52,9% 52.3%

Plays with other cats: 59.6/55,1/64,5% 47.0%

Don't like to go near other cats: 16.2/22,0/12,1% 24.2%

Other characteristics of your Maine Coon:
Talks much: 61.5/60,4/64,3% 43.2%

Jump on the shoulder of the human: 13.1/14,2/11,8% 20.5%

Follows her human everywhere: 65.5/59,1/71,8% 54.5%

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