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Certified Veterinarians for Heartscreening

This list provides, especially for Germany, an overview of cardiologists who are either recognized by Pawpeds, are members of the Collegicum Cardiologicum or who have completed the cardiological training of the College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. From other surrounding countries are not necessarily all cardiologists registered, but in part only those who have screening results published in mcats.

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There are 80 Cardiologists entered.
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Åblad, Björn PP SE Göteborg 2017-03-14
Adolfsson, Eva PP SE 72334 Västerås 2017-03-08
Amberger, Christophe PP CVIM CH 1202 Geneva 2016-11-13
HP: www.esvc.ch
Aslani Karji, Mohammad CC DE 47533 Kleve 2016-11-29
HP: www.tierklinik-camp.de
Baldauf, Katrin PP CC DE 04103 Leipzig 2016-11-29
Bavegems, Valerie PP BE 9820 Merelbeke 2016-11-13
Bublot, Isabelle PP FR 69280 Marcy l'Etoile 2016-11-12
de Heer, Natascha PP NL 8302 DC Emmeloord 2016-11-13
Deinert, Michael PP CC DE 69168 Wiesloch 2016-11-29
HP: www.fachtierarztpraxis-sandpfad.de
Djupsjöbacka, Anna PP SE 2017-01-20
Eichhorn, Götz PP CC DE 60487 Frankfurt 2016-11-13
HP: www.katzenklinik-frankfurt.de
Falk, Torkel PP SE 25232 Helsingborg 2017-01-20
Fiedler, Michal PP CZ 27401 Slaný 2016-11-11
HP: www.veterinaslany.cz
Gamperl, Elisa PP AT 7111 Parndorf 2016-11-11
HP: www.tierklinik-parndorf.at
Gerritsen, Rob PP CC NL 7731 EH Ommen 2016-11-29
HP: www.dekompaan.com
Glaus, Tony CVIM CH 8057 Zürich 2016-11-13
Granström, Sara PP SE 14175 Kungens Kurva 2017-01-20
Grußendorf, Esther PP CC DE 49565 Bramsche 2016-11-11
Höpfner, Robert PP CC CVIM DE 13509 Berlin 2016-11-11
HP: www.kleintierspezialisten.de
Hörauf, Angelika PP CC CVIM DE 51069 Köln 2016-11-29
HP: www.kleintierinternisten.de

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PP says that the veterinarian is listed in the Pawpeds Healthprogramme,
CC says that the vetereinarian is a member of Collegium Cardiologicum e.V.,
CVIM says that the veterinarian has a cardiology diplom from the European (ECVIM-CA) or American (ACVIM) College of Veterinarian Internal Medicine.

There are 80 Cardiologists entered.
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