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von der Aula Wiese - Maine Coon Zucht aus Niederaula |

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Maine Coon Cattery von der Aula Wiese from Niederaula, Germany

All information provided here is self-reported by the breeder and has not been verified.

Cattery Name: von der Aula Wiese
Breeder Name:Aranka Sabo
ZIP Town: 36272 Niederaula
registered with (Association):Delicat
number of MC breeding cats: 4
number of neuters: 3
other pets: keine
Does the breeder test for the following genetic diseases?
HCM Ultrasound:yes (ja)
PKD Ultrasound:yes (ja)
HD Xray:yes (ja)
PL (Patella Luxation): no (nein)
HCM Gen (Meurs, A31P): yes (ja)
SMA Gentest: yes (ja)
Pk def. Gentest: no (nein)
Are retired breeders tested: yes (ja)
Comments on testing: geschallt ab 1 Jahr dann jedes Jahr
Testresults from the following cats are published in the health database: none
litters per year:2-3
How are the kittens raised:only the first weeks seperated (nur die ersten Wochen getrennt)
How is the household:quiet (ruhig)
Are the kittens chiped:yes (ja)
Are the kittens neutered:no (nein)
Does the breeder feed ... dry food:yes (ja)
Does the breeder feed ... wet food:yes (ja)
Does the breeder feed ... meat (BARF):no (nein)
How do the males live:in the whole household (im ganzen Wohnbereich)
How often / where does the breeder show:other sometimes (andere gelegentlich)
Additional Infos:
last update:2020-02-25 10:32:00

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