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Maine Coon Oldies - Beaverscove Upsala (aka Fluffy)

Name:Beaverscove Upsala (aka Fluffy)
Geb.Datum:*20.1.2003 (auf dem Foto 16 Jahre alt)
Farbe:Red tabby blotched
Vater:RW TGC Beaverscove Iceman
Mutter:Beaverscove Only You
Erreichtes Alter:17 Jahre (17 years)
Besitzer:Dirk und Lian
Züchter:Karsten und Christine Schöneis
Email:info dovalmo nl
Infos:Birthdate: 20-01-2003 Died: 06-12-2020 One month later and our red lady would have reached the age of 18. She was everything we could have wished for in a cat. Strong, healthy, strong willed at times, and cuddly at other times. Right from the first minute she pretty much claimed our house, and acted like a queen. We feel so blessed to have cared for her for such a long time.
Eingetragen:2020-12-07 13:34:44