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Maine Coon Kitten der Cattery CampoDaCoon´s aus Grevenbroich |

Maine Coon Kitten in Cattery CampoDaCoon´s from Grevenbroich (Germany)

When moving the cats are
neutered: not specified
chipped: yes
RCP vaccinated: yes
Rabies vaccinated: by request
FeLV vaccinated: no
FIP vaccinated: no

The cats were feed with
Dry food: yes
Wet food: yes
Meat (Barf): yes

Where and how did the cats grow up:
first weeks in the kitten room, then in the living area
with children: yes with teenager
with dogs: no

Pedigree from: ICW e.V.
Lines: Showlines
Birthdate: 29.11.2017
Sire: CampoDaCoon´s Miro
Dam: Kikiola Cats Miss Marvel
no Testresults published
Parents (or cat self) are tested normal in
HCM Ultrasound: yes
HCM A31P DNA: yes
PKD Ultrasound: yes
HD X-Ray: no

Cattery: CampoDaCoon´s
Phone: 0218260302
Zip Town: 41516 Grevenbroich
Country: Germany
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entered on: 2017-12-25 22:18:56
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weitere Infos: Die Kitten sind am 29.11.2017 geboren. 6 Mädchen und 1 Kater weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auf unserer Homepage oder telefonisch
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