Pedigree with Testresults for:

NĂ©roli du Verger Sauvage
normal (2.04)
normal (1.02)
K: normal (1.02)
H: normal (1.00)
P: normal/normal (1.00)
G: Bloodgr.B N/N
G: HCM A31P normal
G: PK Def. normal
G: SMA normal

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
So Out-Coon's Mirai
Cartoonland's Juvamine

=Heartscreening (certified), =Heartscreening (not certified), Kidneyscreening, Hip-Xray, Patella-Test, Genetic-Test (smaller font = Gene negativ through ancestors), the numbers in () show the testing age as 'Years.Month'.

Testresults are only shown with direct connection to the selected cat. Tested cats in later generations with missing tests from the generations between them are not shown.

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