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Healthdatabase for all cat breeds - Hips

Here are HD results published. It's possible that both hips are different affected, which is the reason that Pawpeds rate both hips seperated. As complete result we publish the median between both hips (0=normal, 0,5=borderline, HD 1=mild, 2=moderate, 3=severe). We are happy about every new entrie!

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Name of the Cat (click link to view details)BreedResultevaluated byAgeentered
Basilicus Akamu MCO normal PP normal / normal 0.11 2019-10-01 15:03:31

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All age data are in the format years.months.

OFA shows if the result was evaluated by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals . Their ratings are
excellent (normal), good (normal), fair (normal), borderline, mild (1), moderate (2), severe (3).
PP shows if the result was evaluated by Pawpeds (Lars Audell). Their ratings are
normal, borderline, 1 (mild HD), 2 (moderate HD), 3 (severe HD).

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